What is a Junior-Enterprise ?

Logo JE It is an organization of students from a Grande Ecole (an engineering or a business School) or from a University. Their job is to carry out studies commissioned by companies outside the School.
More precisely, the members of the Junior-Enterprise must be the connection between the company and the student of the School having the best qualifications to carry out the study according to the requirements specifications. This student will be paid at the end of the study.
This working method allows the students to apply theory to practice as well as to gain some professional experience. On the other hand, the companies benefit from the cutting-edge knowledge and the dynamism of the students.

The National Junior-Enterprise Confederation (CNJE), created in 1969, gathers 180 Junior-Enterprises in France. It is a development asset for the movement as well as a warranty of quality for the studies. Indeed, audits take place every year in every Junior-Enterprise to control the operation. The CNJE also regularly offers training courses to the members.

Centrale Lille Projets

Logo Centrale Lille Projets For 45 years, Centrale Lille Projets has accompanied private individuals and companies in carrying out their projects. It can count on the high level education of the 1600 students at the Ecole Centrale de Lille to offer diverse performances answering to the totality of the client’s needs. These deliveries are in a wide range, from market studies and Business plans to the development of websites and mobile apps, and including the realisation of prototypes and technical documents translation.

The Junior-Enterprise movement in France

2600 problems resolved for professionals each year
40000 professionals accompanied by Junior-Entreprises
20000 graduate students ready to carry out your projects
180 Junior-Enterprises scattered in France

Some Key Dates of our J.E.

  • 2017 : Best Junior-Enterprise from an engineering school in Consulting.
  • 2016 : Passing to the 2015 version of the ISO 9001.
  • 2015 : Centrale Lille Projets is branded the Best French J.E. in engineering by the CNJE partners (EY, Alten, BNP and Engie).
  • 2014 : Centrale Lille Projets is among the 8 best J.E. in France.
  • 2013 : Centrale Lille Projets wins the Excellence Prize of the best Junior-Enterprise in France, and wins the engineering label. It also wins the Business Development Challenge and gets the ISO 9001 certification for the first time.
  • 2012 : Centrale Lille Projets is a finalist for the Excellence Prize of the best Junior-Enterprise in France, and wins the Engagement Junior Challenge and Junior Alumni Challenge.
  • 2011 : Centrale Lille Projets is semi-finalist of the Excellence Prize and finalist of the Engagement Junior Challenge.
  • 2010 : Acquired the AFNOR quality certification - Service Engagement, rewarding the efforts of Centrale Lille Projets in terms of quality of services.
  • 2008 : Centrale Lille Projets includes Iteem skills, the new department at Centrale Lille : The Junior now proposes marketing studies.
  • 1991 : the IDN becomes the Ecole Centrale de Lille. IDN Projet becomes the current Centrale Lille Projets.
  • 1973 : Creation of IDN Projet, Junior-Entreprise of the Institut Industriel du Nord (IDN) with engineering skills. It is the first engineering J.E. in the North.

A few words from the President

Centrale Lille Projets is the Junior-Enterprise of the Ecole Centrale de Lille. Built in 1973, it allows us to put our entire knowledge and experience into the carrying out of your projects.

Entrepreneurs, Big Company member, SME head, public administration or private individual, we are proud to see you benefit from our skills and to work with you :

  • Our generalist engineering school and its marketing (ITEEM) and computer science (IG2I) departments allow us to carry out studies in a wide spectrum and with a now self-explanatory quality;
  • Accompanied by professors at the School, the students of Centrale Lille Projets are selected in the end of their cursus for their skills and have every asset needed to see your project through;
  • From beginning to end, your projects are followed by our Project Managers. Attentive and reactive, they are your privileged interlocutors for every request you may have;
  • At Centrale Lille Projets, the quality of our services is our priority : being certified ISO 9001 (2008 version) since 2013, and having it updated to the 2015 recently, proves our ability to continuously progress for your projects;
  • Lastly, Centrale Lille Projets is a Junior-Enterprise recognised for its engagement towards clients, as well as its national dynamism. Thanks to our members’ efforts, we have been awarded in 2013 with the Excellence Prize attributed each year to the best Junior-Entreprise in France. Still among the best Juniors, we were in 2015 the best engineering Junior in France, and in 2017 the best engineering Junior in Consulting in France.

We set ourselves a certain standard of requirements to guarantee the Excellence in the carrying out of your projects.

Sébastien Pezza
President of Centrale Lille Projets, Mandate 2017-2018