Centrale Lille Projets supports you in the development of your company.

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If you have a project that needs competent human resources, Centrale Lille Projets will help you find them. Thanks to the general engineering program at Centrale Lille and the unique management program at Iteem, your projects will be taken care of in a professional manner.

Whether you’re building a startup, searching for the right marketing strategy or developing management plans in big companies, our studies and analysis will surely be helpful to your projects.

Thanks to the J5 partnership with the 5 other Centrale schools (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Nantes and Marseille) we can assure you that our studies can be done on a national scale, since we can gather data in the five of the biggest cities in France.


Logo de Sphinx Centrale Lille Projets is one of the few Junior Entreprises to have a professional license for the data analyzing software Sphinx. This software is one of the most used in this field, with more than 50 000 users in more than 50 different countries and its use in consulting firms. This software is important in data analyzing since it lets us post surveys and watch people’s responses live.

Available services

Centrale Lille Projets offer different services such as :

  • Market studies ;
  • Competitive analysis ;
  • Benchmarks ;
  • Business plans ;
  • Satisfaction studies ;
  • Surveys ;
  • More type of studies.
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